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Tourism Strategy

Bournemouth Tourism Strategy 2011 – 2020
Acknowledged as the UK’s premier resort for leisure, business and educational tourism.

Our vision of Bournemouth in 2020 and the guiding principles.

– We will always protect and enhance the resort’s essential character and appeal – including creating a safe and enjoyable environment

– We will improve the quality of service delivery across all sectors of the tourism industry until Bournemouth is recognised as being second to none

– We will work to increase total value to the resort in terms of income, employment and quality of life

– We will manage the investment legacy of the Bournemouth brand and values (warmth, beauty and different experiences) to secure a prosperous tourism industry for the future

– We will recognise the multi-faceted and interdependent nature of the business through integrated partnership working

– We will constantly innovate to maintain competitive advantage for Bournemouth in both service development and marketing

Tourism Objectives for Bournemouth

The Bournemouth Tourism Strategic Objectives will continue to be formulated by the Bournemouth Tourism Management Board every Autumn. The detailed action to deliver these strategic objectives is explained in the Annual Business Plan produced by Bournemouth Tourism and approved by the Council and the Bournemouth Tourism Management Board in January each year.
Activities will accordingly be logically grouped under the five headings of:

1. Attracting – (Contributes to Visit England Objectives 1 & 2, Increasing market share and providing compelling destinations of distinction)

2. Welcoming – (Contributes to Visit England Objective 4, Improving the visitor experience)

3. Sustaining – (Contributes to Visit England Objective 3, Creating a successful, thriving

4. Partnering – (Bournemouth and Poole Tourism Management Boards, Dorset and New Forest Partnership)

5. Monitoring (achieved against plans and key performance indicators)

This Annual Business Plan will be a living document subject to adjustment at any time in response to market opportunities and needs and financial constraints – with the approval of the Bournemouth Tourism Management Board.