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After those long sunny days, Bournemouth twinkles at night.

Throughout the town, there are a myriad of cutting edge bars, cool clubs and drinking cubby holes to suit everyone. Walk in either direction from the iconic Bournemouth Pier to reach sublime spots for food and drink with a view. Bournemouth has again been awarded a Purple Flag for an excellent night time offering. The town centre is eminently walkable but there are plenty of taxi ranks to make sure you get to where you’re going quicksmart and not missing out on any of the fun!

Beyond the town centre, pockets of socialising loveliness are popping up in the further reaches of the Bournemouth area. Try out The Triangle for the vibrant café and rainbow club culture. Or head up the road to Westbourne for the hearty pubs and easy going eateries. For an alternative night out, why not pop over to Boscombe and Southbourne to sample their heady mix of boho cafés, independent bars and music venues with great character? Charminister offers more of an international flavour, with a veritable smorgasbord of colourful bars and restaurants.

Of an evening, you don’t even need to leave your lodgings with fantastic entertainment on offer throughout Bournemouth’s grand selection of hotels.

So whatever your style, you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy – just check out our What’s On event listings and bring on Bournemouth!

Bournemouth Night-time Perception Survey

What’s it about?

Tell us what you think of Bournemouth’s night out!

This year we are starting an exciting piece of annual research to see exactly what you think of Bournemouth’s night time scene – everything from restaurants to night clubs, theatres to accommodation – we want to know what you think. We are starting to record views and opinions of the Bournemouth night scene every year so that we can continue to look at where things need to improve and where things are going great. This will then provide us with better information to make better decisions.

Why now?

As part of the town centre’s desire to excel in providing great nights out, it’s really important we know what users of these facilities actually think, so it’s not just guesswork. This research has been commissioned by Town Watch who represent a large portion of the Bournemouth night scene businesses. This project is forming part of Bournemouth’s award winning Purple Flag Award process to help ensure we are monitoring what people think on a regular basis.

Click HERE to complete the 4 min survey.

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